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10 amazing facts about chickens

  • Chickens love to play, run, jump and take sunbaths
  • A mother hen begins to teach calls to her chicks even before they hatch
  • Chickens have a great memory – they can distinguish between over 100 different individuals; they can also recognize humans  
  • They have full-color vision
  • Chickens experience REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, which is associated with dreaming-just like humans!
  • Chickens have pain receptors that give them the ability to feel pain and distress.
  • They have more bones in their neck than giraffes
  • They can taste saltiness, but not sweetness
  • They have empathy for each other, and hens defend their young from predators.
  • Chickens are able to understand that when an object is taken away and hidden from them, it still exists.

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