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Animal welfare and human nutrition

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How does it work?

Most animal based products available in supermarkets come from animals in conventional agriculture. This system is designed to mass produce items such as meat, eggs and milk. Animal welfare considerations are not at the forefront of this process, therefore animals farmed in this way are not able to live in an environment in accordance with their needs and feelings.


Many people do not want to support the suffering of animals. But what can you do about it?  The good news is that everyone can take action and directly help animals through the individual choices they make and by being aware of what products they are buying and endorsing.

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The 3-Rs Principle

FOUR PAWS encourages people to follow and support an animal-friendly lifestyle by reducing their consumption of animal-based products and replacing them in their diet with plant-based alternatives. To do this, we recommend the principle of the 3Rs: Reduce, Refine, Replace.


  • Reduce: Reduce consumption of items such as meat, milk and eggs
  • Refine: If you buy products of animal origin, look for higher animal welfare production systems (for example, products which are free range, organic, or products with an animal welfare label).
  • Replace: Replace meat, dairy and eggs with plant-based alternatives.