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If you eat any meat, dairy, and / or eggs, many factors need to be considered today to do so in a responsible way for your health, the environment, and the animals.


There is enough evidence to suggest that diets high in animal products negatively impact our health, weight and overall wellbeing. Even  further implications can be expected if the animal products are sourced from poor animal welfare and questionable farming standards.


Since there are studies that prove low animal welfare farming practices is one of the most environmentally destructive practices on our planet today, it is important to be conscious and responsible consumers to become better informed in making more compassionate food choices. [1]


You are what you eat

Consumers are urged to read ingredients and familiarize themselves with animal welfare labels. There are ways in which animal derived products can be both healthy and used in the most responsible of ways, however for us to make the best food choices possible, the animals and the environment as a whole, it helps to know what we are buying, endorsing and consuming which need to be ethical, humane and healthy.


What is a healthy diet?

Most people are aware of the importance of eating a healthy diet. What constitutes ‘healthy’ depends on what one eats. A balanced diet is one that has plenty of fruits and vegetables and a proper intake of vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients.


Four Paws recommends having a compassionate outlook when it comes to following a healthy diet. Refine the food choices you make by choosing products which are sourced humanely by ensuring they from a high animal welfare standard.


Reducing the amount of animal based products and aiming for plant based alternatives is a way to ensure we take a step towards instilling better animal welfare practices and a way to become more conscious about what we eat. According to the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition, a varied and balanced plant based diet can provide an optimum mix of nutrients for a healthy body. A plant based diet is naturally lower in saturated fats, higher in essential fats, higher in fiber and antioxidants and potentially lower in toxins due to eating lower down the food chain.


There is still a great deal of ignorance about human nutrition since many claim that a plant based diet lack key nutrients such as iron, vitamin B12, essential fats, calcium, zinc and essential amino acids. Ironically these are the same nutrients that are often deficient in predominantly meat eaters. The problem lies with convenient food choices, rather than with plant based diets.


We can obtain proteins through various pulses, wholegrains, soya milk, cereals and beans, rice and tofu and vitamin B12 through many fortified products such as breakfasts cereals, certain soya milks margarine and yeast extracts. All essential nutrients can be obtained by following a plant based diet, if its monitored through a variety of balanced food items.  


By ensuring we become more informed about our food and its nutrients, we will be better equipped at making healthier and more compassionate food choices which can a positive effect on all those involved.