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InVitro Meat

Artificial Meat Developed In Vitro

What sounds like a science-fiction story has become reality in the past few years in some laboratories around the globe. There, scientists are working on alternative meat production methods where meat does no longer come from a slaughtered animal, but is being grown artificially in bioreactors.


More and more articles about it pop up everywhere in the world. Animal welfare and animal rights activists all over the globe are wondering: Could this mean the end of all the negative implications of today’s farm animal production?


As this issue is more and more present on the public agenda, FOUR PAWS has done some research on it and this is what we found out:


Detailed information on the exact production methods used at the moment for in-vitro meat is scarce, biased, and non-transparent. According to public statements of the relevant key-players, in-vitro meat is a product of animal origin, being produced by using stem cells of mostly bovine animals. Fetal calf serum is used as a growth medium for the cells. The process of serum collection from unborn calves raises massive ethical and animal welfare questions. There are efforts to replace the calf serum with plant-based alternatives – an initiative FOUR PAWS is strongly in favor of.


Looking into the future, if in-vitro meat became marketable, the consequences for farm animals are unpredictable. We also do not know, if artificial meat will become fully cruelty-free and affordable. We presume that a massive change in the farming of animals is then likely to happen. For the moment, FOUR PAWS closely monitors the progress of the research in this sector, as well as the developments in the eating behavior of our society.


Still, FOUR PAWS encourages people who choose an animal-friendly lifestyle to reduce their consumption of products of animal origin and include more plant-based alternatives in their diet.