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African lions and elephants need your help!


FOUR PAWS is appalled by the reversal of the U.S. import ban on African elephant and lion trophies and saddened that the DOI and FWS, institutions charged with protecting species, have succumbed to the pressures of the pro-trophy hunting industry. The government's approval, support of commercial hunting, and the deregulating of import permits for hunting trophies opens the floodgates for targeting Africa’s most threatened and endangered populations.


With African wildlife in peril, the use of trophy hunting as a means for conservation only worsens the situation. Join us in asking DOI Secretary Zinke and FWS Deputy Director Sheehan to ban trophy hunting imports for African elephants and lions, and focus on more responsible and sustainable wildlife conservation activities.


Sign our petition today!


FOUR PAWS will continue to fight for Africa’s elephants and lions and is committed to standing up for all animal populations where humans have a deleterious effect on their lives and quality of that life.



U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) Memorandum on the Withdrawal of certain findings for ESA listed species taken as sport-hunted trophies


Official comments submitted by FOUR PAWS to FWS regarding the creation of the IWCC