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May and Binh Yen thriving at sanctuary

UPDATE - July 2018

After years of torment and terrible living conditions, May and Binh Yen are safe and doing well at our bear sanctuary in Vietnam!


For 13 years, May and Binh Yen suffered severe abuse and neglect as bile bears. FOUR PAWS worked diligently for their release and was finally able to rescue them last April. May was severely overweight and Binh Yen was in critical condition.


At our Bear Sanctuary Ninh Binh in Vietnam, we are pleased to inform you that both bears are healthy and thriving in their new homes and have even befriended other rescue bears! 


Binh Yen has bonded with Misa, who was also rescued earlier this year. May has befriended Thai Van and Thai Giang, two very active bears who are also former bile bears.


Without our supporters these rescues would not be possible. If you would like to further support our work, please make a donation today. Your gift can help provide long-term care for bears like May and Binh, along with helping other animals in need around the world. 

May and Binh Yen's Story

Kept in horrible conditions, the two bears have lived on the same farm trapped in tiny cages for the past 13 years.

Thanks to our supporters, we were able to save a bear from this farm in 2017. As you may remember, Hai Chan lived a terrible existence. Abused for her bile, her front paws were amputated – likely for bear paw wine. Rescued last November, Hai Chan is now thriving at our bear sanctuary in Vietnam.


While we managed to remove Hai Chan, the owner simply refused to surrender the remaining bears. We’ve been fighting for their freedom ever since.

Will you donate today? Your gift can help us continue to give the livelong care needed for May, Binh Yen, and Hai Chan at our sanctuary in Vietnam and help other animals in need around the world.