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A statement in response to the recent findings in Report on Lion Conservation with Particular Respect to the Issue of Trophy Hunting.

While FOUR PAWS does not agree with all of the report's conclusions, we do believe there is the potential benefit to end trophy imports (from captive-bred lions) to the United Kingdom if the UK Government would adopt this report's suggested criteria. Mainly, that imports of lion trophies into the UK can only be allowed if they are unlikely to cause detriment to the lion population from which it was taken from. Such a move would be similar to the trophy import rules the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service initiated earlier this year, which banned the import of captive-bred lion trophies into the U.S.


Of course, considering also the ethical aspects of trophy hunting, a complete ban of all lion trophy imports - such as in Australia or the Netherlands - would have been our favored recommendation for both the UK and the US, however, the report does provide an opportunity to take a step in the right direction and further isolate the cruel canned hunting industry in South Africa. Trophy hunting is an unacceptable use of natural resources and is highly offensive to the global human populations. We do agree that this report, among others, does highlight the necessity to develop and promote alternative non-consumptive ways to finance the future protection of lion habitats. FOUR PAWS will continue to work towards this ultimate goal.