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FOUR PAWS provides for animals after devastating floods in India


Seven tons of food for cows, dogs and cats distributed


DECEMBER 22 2015 – The FOUR PAWS, the international animal welfare organization, team returns home for the holidays from providing disaster assistance in Chennai, India The result: around 1,300 cows, other farm animals, dogs and cats were provided with approximately 7 tons of food. Additionally, around 70 animals were also medically treated and vaccinated.


After the Indian metropolis of Chennai was affected by heavy rainfall in November, and remained flooded for days, FOUR PAWS provided disaster relief for its partner Blue Cross of India by sending an experienced team of three vets, led by Dr. Anca Tomescu, to the severely hit city.


The FOUR PAWS team was in action on site for almost two weeks. Despite the water already receding, it was still several feet high in some places, which made work for the team quite challenging.


“Fortunately, we had boats at our disposal; the water was extremely dirty, full of dead rats and snakes, and we could not rule out the possible danger of an epidemic. This made it even more important to medically treat and vaccinate the affected animals as rapidly as possible,” explained Dr. Tomescu.


The efforts of the FOUR PAWS team were honored by the city of Chennai with a certificate of appreciation, which was handed over in a formal ceremony by the well-known Bollywood film composer, Maestro IIaiyaraaja, to the vet team last week. “We felt extremely honored. People supported us enthusiastically and they were very thankful for our help”, says Dr. Tomescu.


FOUR PAWS will travel to Chennai again in February. The cooperation with Blue Cross of India has existed since 2007. Tomescu noted, “The veterinarians in India are very experienced, but they are simply overwhelmed with the sheer number of animals in need here and could use all the support they can get.” As proper disaster management planning including communities’ animals can significantly reduce the number of animal mortalities, illnesses and injuries, FOUR PAWS will also be working alongside Blue Cross of India on contingency planning for future flooding events.


India has the largest number of stray animals worldwide, with their population being estimated at 25 million dogs and five times as many cats. “Our next work in India will take place in February. We will concentrate on neutering stray animals and also medically treat various farm animals, like cows or goats,” explains Tomescu.