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Happy Stray Animals Day: Success of Stray Animal Care Program in Thailand

Celebrating April 4th, Stray Animals Day, with over 450 animals treated on Koh Chang Island


April 3, 2017 – FOUR PAWS latest stray animal care project took place in Thailand during March 2017. What better way to wrap up this successful program than on the internationally recognized Stray Animals Day! FOUR PAWS stray animal care team was able to treat more than 450 animals and organized community outreach events on Koh Chang, the country’s second biggest island.  


Anca Tomescu, Head of International Stray Animals Care at FOUR PAWS explained, “Through our project I believe that we have made a difference and that there will now be far fewer street animals born on the island. We are also confident that our work with the local communities and school children will help to make our project sustainable in the long-term.”


451 animals neutered

FOUR PAWS set up temporary clinics across Koh Chang where animals including street dogs and cats were treated. The team was supported by the local vet and with the community’s help managed to neuter 451 animals. Besides street dogs, community owned dogs and cats, as well as pets, were brought to the clinic for care.


FOUR PAWS uses a catch-neuter-release method in its work, where street animals are caught, neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and registered. Then the treated animals are released back into their original home territory. This method is the only approach to stray animal population control that is considered sustainable and humane by the World Health Organization.


Street dog welfare education

FOUR PAWS involved the whole community in helping street dogs on the island. The team put together workshops specifically designed for both adults and school children. Team members talked to over 200 school children about the proper care of street animals, as well as pets. The team also took the teachers through education materials to help them hold lessons on animal welfare in the future. In addition FOUR PAWS held several community outreach events for adults. The goal was to learn more about the community’s perception towards street dogs, and to promote responsible pet ownership in order to reduce the number of dogs and cats being abandoned in the future.


“I was impressed by the local people most of whom have a strong bond with the dogs and are compassionate towards street animals,” concludes Dr. Tomescu, “Many of these animals wear collars, a sign that the local community has adopted them. However the situation for strays is still a desperate one as there are just too many dogs and cats and not enough people to take care of them,“


Your help needed

FOUR PAWS will keep helping stray animals in Thailand. Nevertheless the problem is huge and every help is welcome. FOUR PAWS calls on tourists and visitors of Thailand to help the cause by supporting international and local stray animal care projects that neuter, vaccinate and provide veterinary treatment for the animals. This is the only humane and sustainable way to reduce stray animal populations and improve their welfare.