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Over 13,000 farm animals fed, care brought to remote areas


BOSTON, MA – SEPTEMBER 4 2015 - After the devastating cyclone ‘Komen’ laid waste to large areas of Myanmar, took over one hundred human lives and destroyed countless houses, bridges, roads and rice paddies, FOUR PAWS sent a rapid response team to the region. The international animal protection organization managed to reach thousands of farm animals such as cows and pigs, bring with them supplies of fresh water and food as well as medical treatment.


In the last two weeks, FOUR PAWS, together with local supporters, distributed 70 tons of feed concentrate and the distribution is still ongoing. The goal is for roughly 100 tons in total will be provided for over 13,000 animals in various cities and villages by the end of this week.


To reduce the risk of disease spreading many of them were also vaccinated and treated medically. Dr Amir Khalil, head of the FOUR PAWS rapid response team: “Myanmar is one of the poorest countries in Southeast Asia. With the loss of their animals, many people have also lost their livelihoods. Those who have been able to save their animals had no way of looking after them. By supporting them, we give them hope to recover after the disaster.”


In close cooperation with national and local authorities such as the Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Rural Development as well as the National Disaster Management Working Committee, FOUR PAWS got active in the the Irrawaddy Delta in the southwest of the country – one of the worst affected areas. The international animal welfare organisation cooperated on the ground with humanitarian bodies such as the Mingalar Myanmar development agency to be able to quickly and efficiently reach affected humans and their animals.


FOUR PAWS was one of the first animal welfare organisations active in the region. In many areas the infrastructure collapsed and many places could only be reached via boats. Therefore the rapid response team needed to cover a main part of their route across the water. Feed, fresh water and medical equipment could only be transported via small boats to the operating sites. Dr. Khalil: “Our task was not easy and also posed a challenge in regards to logistics. People on site were very thankful for our support and we hope that they can recover from the disaster very soon.”


FOUR PAWS is still in contact with the Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Rural Development to discuss other possibilities of the international animal welfare organisation to help the animals and there with the people of Myanmar in this emergency situation.