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FOUR PAWS demands airlines to go “cage-free”


BOSTON, MA – OCTOBER 8 – Tomorrow, October the 9th, is World Egg Day: A day created by the egg industry to promote the consumption of eggs. Therefore, FOUR PAWS wants to bring awareness to the problems associated with egg production.


One of the main problems is the current keeping conditions of hens. Today in the United States, there are almost 300 million egg-laying hens used to produce over 80 billion eggs each year. Over 90% of egg-laying hens in t he US spend their entire lives in conventional cages, also known as battery cages. In battery cages, hens spend their entire lives in a tiny wire cage that only allows each hen little more than an iPad’s worth of individual space to move around in. This lack of space keeps hens from spreading their wings and performing other important natural behaviours such as foraging, nesting, perching, or dust-bathing.

Public disapproval of battery cages has convinced many businesses to use only cage-free eggs and prompted egg producers to switch to cage-free systems. Companies like McDonalds, Hyatt Hotels, Wolfgang Puck, and Starbucks have committed to the transition to 100% cage-free eggs.


FOUR PAWS believes that companies have a Corporate Social Responsibility to improve the welfare conditions of animals that are used in the production process for their products and to provide consumers with quality food.  Like the food service industry, another industry that FOUR PAWS believes should make the switch from caged to cage-free eggs is the airlines industry.


Airlines serve thousands of meals to passengers every day. Unfortunately, this food very often comes with animal suffering (i.e. it contains eggs from hens kept in cages). When airlines switch to cage-free eggs they are speaking for and supporting housing systems that give laying hens a better life.


FOUR PAWS surveyed the airline industry worldwide in order to raise awareness of this topic among consumers. One of our goals is to see an end to the keeping of egg-laying hens in cages, while also providing information to consumers on where the eggs they consume are currently coming from. A full report on our survey and the results are available at our website below and the #eggcheck website.


Airlines are a worthwhile ally because of their international sourcing. If they ask their caterers and suppliers all over the world (including within the US) to provide them with cage-free eggs, they can affect change for laying hens within and outside their own continents. This in turn helps change keeping systems globally.

To learn more about the use of eggs in the airline industry and see which international airlines are making strides to become completely cage-free, please visit our #eggcheck website!