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World Lion Day Event Drew Hundreds with Tribute to Cecil

FOUR PAWS aimed to educate through smiles


AUGUST 11 2015 – BOSTON, MA. While the killing of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe highlighted the brutal atrocity of trophy hunting, FOUR PAWS USA called on the public to celebrate lions in a positive way on the day named for them. In honor of these magnificent creature, we invited all animal lovers, do-gooders, travelers, tourists, supporters, well-wishers, and passers-by to participate in taking a trip to Africa (if only for a few seconds): Our large photo-ready backdrop of the South African landscape was available all day on August 10th in Boston Common. Participants got their pictures taken and hundred joined the movement by sharing their pictures on social media with our hashtags  #FOURPAWSgowild, #WorldLionDay.


From a young age we are taught about the grace and speed of the cheetah, the vivid stripes of the tiger, and the reign of the king lion on the African plain. Today, these symbols of vitality and strength ironically fall victim to all possible forms of cruelty. In the name of education, development, entertainment, medicine, traditions, social status, and financial interests, thousands of Big Cats are living in unspeakable conditions all over the world.


The larger issues remain beyond Cecil, and the statistics are shocking. There are currently an estimated 6,000 lions in 200 breeding farms across South Africa. These lions are destined to be exploited through their lives AND their deaths. It may be surprising to learn that between 2010 and 2014 roughly 3,703 lion trophies were exported to the US according to figures from the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species or CITES. (Please note that these numbers are for export permits of lion parts under the purpose of hunting trophies. They can include skins, feet, tails, bones and many other classifications).


Additionally, over 30,000 Big Cats live in private ownership in Europe, South Africa, and the US. Sub-standard zoos and roadside attractions also remain a terrible problem in the US as Big Cats and other exotics often live in inappropriate and unhealthy conditions with little credence to conservation or welfare oversight. Public handling of tiger and lion cubs, who have been cruelly removed from their mothers at an early age, is also allowed at these inhumane facilities.


Heart-breaking as it is, there are still plenty of reasons to celebrate and continue to work to protect lions! FOUR PAWS’ World Lion Day celebration and public event did just that. Through the sanctuary work, rescues, policy goals, and campaigns like #FOURPAWSgowild, we are working to make the world a better place, one Big Cat at a time.