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Abandoned chimpanzees in Liberia


September 2, 2016


Great news! One of the major donors to the New York Blood Center (NYBC) has just announced their disappointment concerning NYBC's treatment of the chimpanzees! Here's MetLife's statement below:


The New York Blood Center (NYBC) is a leader in blood related research and its work has led to the saving of countless lives. Some of that research relied on the use of chimpanzees for testing and as a result NYBC should provide financial support for the care of these animals.


MetLife has been actively urging NYBC to work with the Humane Society to reach a sustainable, long-term solution for the care of the chimpanzees in Liberia. We will continue blood collection as it is essential to support the lives of our fellow New Yorkers, but MetLife has informed NYBC that we will not consider future financial support until a solution is found.


For more updates, please check out the Facebook page below.

Save the abandoned chimps! In collaboration with several other organizations from around the world, FOUR PAWS is part of a coalition to save 66 chimpanzees who were left stranded without food or water on several isolated islands in Liberia. The chimps were formally used in biomedical research by the New York Blood Center (NYBC), who until this spring had been funding the island sanctuaries for the retired chimps. Without the NYBC’s funds, the resources for the chimps’ basic care and feeding ceased to exist and emergency action to save the lives of the chimps was needed! This is the coalition’s current focus, along with finding a long-term solution to ensure the humane, lifetime care of the chimpanzees. This includes holding the NYBC accountable for its actions and demanding they uphold their obligation to provide lifetime care for the chimps by reinstating funding for the sanctuary.




Coalition member FOUR PAWS USA shows their support for the chimps. To see more photos visit "Save the Abandoned Chimps" on Facebook.