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  • Rescued: Tomi & Pashuk
© FOUR PAWS | Hazir Reka

Albanian Bears: The Rescue of Gjina, Pashuk and Tomi

The latest updates on the three bears in their new life.

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Saving Bear Gjina

Another "restaurant bear" gets a new home.

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New chapter for Kassandra and Vini

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Orphan Cubs Rescued in Romania

Orphan stories at the BEAR ORPHAN STATION Harghita

© VIER PFOTEN | Mihai Vasile

Ending Illegal Ownership of Brown Bears in Poland

After years of being held in cages on the private land of an animal shelter, 3 bears have been relocated.

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Ex Ukrainian President's Bears Are Among Those Rescued

FOUR PAWS send emergency relief team in to assist with ousted president's bears.

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The Story of Oska, Ema and Ron

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Bear Cubs Get Check-Up

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From tiny cage to relaxing hammock

One little moon bear's story

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From cage to sanctuary

Watch the update from the rescue of the Ukrainian bears, Julia & Soya

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© VIER PFOTEN / Mihai Vasile


BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina gives bears from poor keeping conditions a place fit to live in.

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