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Rescued: selfie bear Jeta

No more selfies!

Jeta, a female around 15 years old, spent years being led by her owner in the torrid summer heat, with a chain attached to a ring through her nose. She was led all over Albania’s beaches, towns and tourist spots, for people to take selfies with her for a small payment. Every tug of the chain caused her great pain. Whenever she wasn’t working, she lived a miserable life on a bare concrete floor, chained in a dark shed outside her owner’s house in Korca. 

Finally the nosering is gone!
© FOUR PAWS | Hazir Reka

On Wednesday, the Albanian authorities helped the FOUR PAWS veterinary team unshackle her. The team tranquillised the bear, fitted her with a microchip, removed her nose ring, and examined her. They found that the almost toothless bear has several raw and bleeding holes in her nose, is undernourished, and is suffering from a disease of the eyes. But despite her weakened state, Jeta was able to make the trip to the zoo at Tirana.

Now Jeta can finally enjoy a quite surrounding.
© FOUR PAWS | Hazir Reka