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The Story of Oska, Ema and Ron

March 17, 2015It's been roughly one year since FOUR PAWS has rescued Oska, Ron and Ema from private hands. They are indeed growing and thriving at the BEAR SANCTUARY PRISHTINA.  


FOUR PAWS takes over illegally-held cubs


March 20, 2014 - FOUR PAWS has taken in three bear cubs from Kosovo who were ripped away from their mother at a far too young age and kept illegally by a family. At first, a young female, only six weeks old, was discovered. She was bought by this family when she was just three weeks old, then kept illegally in the family’s flat. Local police became aware of the case when the family posted details on Facebook outlining how they acquired and kept the bear.

Are Ema, Oska and Ron siblings?

Police officials and the Environment Ministry staff confiscated the female cub. But this was just the beginning: two more bear cubs were discovered in the same region, they were the same age as the female cub and are likely to be siblings. A planned health check is set to determine whether this is the case. All three animals were brought to FOUR PAWS BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina. The keepers are taking good care of the animals day and night, they’ve also been named Ema, Oska and Ron.

We are calling for the animal dealers to be brought to justice

The Environment Ministry and police acted in exactly the right way, by seizing the cubs immediately and informing us. We’re calling for the animal dealers who sold little Ema to be found and brought to justice. There should also be legal action against the family, who bought and kept the bear illegally.

Illegal bear keeping has come to light again

Since autumn 2010, the private keeping of brown bears has been banned in Kosovo. In 2013, FOUR PAWS constructed the BEAR SANCTUARY Prishtina for Kosovo’s 15 illegally-held restaurant bears.


We are appalled that another case of illegal bear keeping has now come to light. The cubs are very young and snatched away from their mother far too soon, and so their medical condition is very serious. In the wild, a bear cub will spend at least two years with its mother. We hope the rescue was in time, and that with our expert care the cubs can pull through and recover.


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