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The groundbreaking ceremony for our BEAR SANCTUARY in Domazhyr.
© FOUR PAWS | 2016

Near to the Ukrainian city of Lviv, FOUR PAWS is building a new BEAR SANCTUARY that will be able to shelter up to 30 bears who have suffered terribly. The construction began with the laying of the first foundation stone on May 19, 2016. The first phase of the construction of BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr, which encompasses roughly 19 acres, is due to finish as soon as Fall 2017. Up to 6 bears formerly exploited in restaurants and bear baiting will find themselves in over 7 acres of outdoor space similar to their natural habitat.

FOUR PAWS' BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr is an important step in the Ukraine towards a permanent end to the captivity of bears used in bear baiting and to further improve living conditions for bears there. As a result of our initiatives and years of campaigning, a new animal protection law was passed in Ukraine in 2015. Since then, bears and wolves are no longer allowed to be hunted by dogs. The law also forbids the organization and staging of bear baiting contests, or the running of so-called bear baiting stations that keep bears as baiting objects. Despite this however, bears are still being illegally exploited in bear baiting. FOUR PAWS, together with the Ukrainian authorities, aims to finally put an end to this gruesome practice for the remaining bears, who are still being exploited, by providing them with a safe haven at BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr.

The construction of the 3-hectare outdoor enclosure – the first phase should be completed as soon as the middle of 2017.
© FOUR PAWS | 2016

Once all the construction work is finished, the site will span across nearly 50 acres of space that's as similar to the bears’ natural habitat as possible. Up to 30 bears will then be able to recover from their traumatic pasts.

For visitors

We expect BEAR SANCTUARY Domazhyr will be open to visitors by September 2017.


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