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After losing his mate in Gaza, the lion named Shaker finally gets a new one

Lion Shaker
© FOUR PAWS | Al Ma’wa

A tragic story

Lion Shaker was rescued from the Al Bisan Zoo in Gaza in September 2014. If the situation in Gaza wasn’t bad enough, Shaker also lost his lioness to gunfire in the war-torn city. But he was rescued and brought to the New Hope Center (part of Al Ma'wa for Nature and Wildlife). 

The perfect match?

Lioness Sama lived in a zoo and then a private farm in Jordan from which she was rescued in February 2011. Since then she has lived in the New Hope Center, where she enjoys a relaxing life. 

Lioness Sama
© FOUR PAWS | Al Ma’wa

The start of a new friendship

The two lions have been living in adjacent enclosures for the past month and a half and have been closely observed by the staff. Soon it was time for a "soft introduction"… Both animals were very curious about each other and quickly greeted one another after the door between their enclosures opened. The introduction was a real success! We have the feeling that both lions are really happy to finally have each other. We are more than excited that there is no need for them to be separated any longer.

... and the live happily ever after.
© FOUR PAWS | Al Ma’wa

What will the future bring?

The lions will soon be moved to their new home in Al Ma'wa Wildlife Reserve, located in the district of Jerash, roughly 45km north of Amman, Jordan. We can't wait to see them both together, enjoying the rest of their lives in peaceful surroundings.

Al Ma'wa for Nature and Wildlife is the only wildlife sanctuary in the region. It was established in partnership between FOUR PAWS and the Princess Alia Foundation and will house wild animals in need from around the world.