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Laziz is finally in his big enclosure!

Laziz, Gaza's last tiger, has safely arrived in our Big Cat Sanctuary LIONSROCK.
© FOUR PAWS | Andrea Cislaghi

Update, 2016 September 15 - Laziz is doing fine 

Laziz, Gaza's last tiger, is slowly settling in his new lifelong home LIONSROCK. He is still very shy during daytime, but enjoys his adaption enclosure as soon as sun is setting. Physically, he is more than fit. Last week, he even started scent marking regularely, which is a good signe that he feels that this is his new territory. As soon as he shows us he's ready, he will move into his new, huge enclosure. We don't rush him, though. He had to spend so many years under appalling conditions, that we don't want to stress him. As soon as he shows us that he is ready to explore another part of his new home, we'll offer him the chance and open the doors to his huge enclosure, which will be 1 hectar of size. 


 Find more pictures and videos of Laziz on our facebook page

Laziz in his new 1.2 hectar enclosure.

What a difference!

Tiger Laziz who we rescued from the so-called "worst zoo in the world", was finally ready to go in his new bigger enclosure. Last week Laziz showed us that he is confident enough to move into his big 1,2 ha enclosure. It is important to find the right moment for an animal to take the next step, so that they will experience the new home in a positive way. Laziz showed us all that he is a real tiger at heart! 


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Laziz at his favorite spot.