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FOUR PAWS distributes 150 tons of food for animals in distress in Serbia and Bosnia

The FOUR PAWS team has been active for the past three weeks

June 10, 2014 - The FOUR PAWS International disaster relief team has been active for the past three weeks, in the flooded areas of Serbia, helping thousands of animals and preventing the spread of diseases. So far, the FOUR PAWS team as supplied over 150 tons of food to over 50,000 animals who were affected by the flood. FOUR PAWS' experienced team of veterinarians, has been treating farm and companion animals through use of thier mobile animal clinic, as well as on site in the numerously-affected buildings.


© FOUR PAWS | Yavor Gechev

Countless animals and their owners have been reunited

Many people were forced to flee from their homes without their companion animals when the floods arose. One dog, a Jack Russell Terrier, who was left behind by her owners, and who was later identified as “Fleki", was found by the FOUR PAWS team -  trapped on the first floor of a flooded house in Obrenovac. FOUR PAWS veterinarians treated the weak and fearful little dog, and then posted a photo of her on Facebook. It no time, her owner, Danieal was found. Daniela may have lost all her possessions in the flood, but her family, including “Fleki”, have survived. “I was so afraid for my ‘Fleki’, and I’m over the moon to have her back. I want to thank everyone who helped my dog!”

© FOUR PAWS | Yavor Gechev

Numerous farm animals have remained effected by the devastating floods.

One farmer, named Milenko Grebic, who owns a farm near Jamena, has been totally cut off from civilization for over two weeks. “Fortunately I managed to get all of our sheep, pigs and dogs out of the water just in time; but the animals’ food soon ran out, and some of the animals had become ill, too. FOUR PAWS was the first to help us. They fed all of our animals and gave them medical treatment. We’re just so incredibly grateful to them", said Grebic.

Farmer Milenko Grebic is looking to the future again with some assurance that his animals will be alright.
© © FOUR PAWS | Yavor Gechev

FOUR PAWS has been active in Bosnia as well

Since last Sunday, FOUR PAWS has also been active in Bijeljina (Bosnia), following a request for assistance from the Bijelijina mayor.


The FOUR PAWS International disaster relief  team will leave the disaster zone on Wednesday, June 11th. 2014. 


“The waters are receding, people are gradually returning to their homes, however, there’s still a lot to do”, says Dr. Amir Khalil, who is coordinating FOUR PAWS' operations on the ground in Serbia. “We’ll keep sending food and medicine to the affected areas and the local authorities will continue to work.”


FOUR PAWS has been working in the field of disaster relief since 2005


Now, near the end of its mission in the Balkans, FOUR PAWS is reflecting on its near decade of experience with disaster relief missions, and its abillity to provide help for animals in need -- on a global level.


“Working in crisis situations entails more than simply rescuing farm animals.Some of these animals represent farmers’ livelihood -- another entire aspect which is both psychological and sociological -effecting.


When the floods began, many people were forced to leave their pets behind when they evacuated their homes, and most of these people are experiencing extreme distressed as a result of it. The fact that FOUR PAWS has remained on site, monitoring animals in the evacuation zone, gives hope and reassurance to these people. In some cases, FOUR PAWS has already successfully reunited animals and their owners -- and that’s a moment of happiness for all of us at this difficult time”,

Dr. Khalil summarises.


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