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Khan Younis zoo: The "worst zoo in the world"

Update: 4-21-2015 - Return to Gaza to help animals at the "worst zoo in the world"

© FOUR PAWS | 2015

Cry for help from Gaza: FOUR PAWS takes care of animals from bombed-out zoo

Emergency team provides help for animals in Khan Younis Zoo in Gaza


Our emergency team, led by Dr. Amir Khalil, has seen first hand the particularly appalling situation for the animals at the Khan Younis Zoo. The few surviving animals at the zoo have no food, hardly any fresh water, and no access to veterinary care.


The severely damaged enclosures are covered with garbage and debris. The two remaining big cats – a lioness and a tiger – are penned up in their enclosures and appear to be highly emaciated. Several other animals have sadly already starved to death. Our team on-site is providing immediate help to the animals that have survived. Together with our partner 30 millions d'amis  we will provide them with food and veterinary care for the next three months, to offer time for the local authorities and the owner of the zoo to find a sustainable solution for the animals. 

© FOUR PAWS | 2015