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Second season of FOUR PAWS' birth control program in Letea


February 2015 -  FOUR PAWS continues its birth control program for wild horses in the  Letea area of Romania with a new session of immuno-contraceptive vaccinations. Birth control programs humanely control wild horse populations leading to fewer conflicts with local residence and less degredation to Leteas fragile ecosystem. Between December 2014 and January 2015, FOUR PAWS specialized veterinary team in Romania tranquilised and vaccinated 22 mares. The team also re-vaccinated 16 mares out of 100 animals which were already previously immunized last year. 

Recently, the Danube Delta Protected Area  Administration (ARBDD) offered its complete support for the FOUR PAWS project. Depending on the results, they intend to use it as a best practice example for how to manage the rest of the wild horse population in the Danube Delta. Upon ARBDD’s request, the National Administration of Forests (Romsilva) allowed the  FOUR PAWS team to access in the recently fenced Letea Forest,  where some of the horses remained.


The local horse population made it through the first two months of winter in good condition,  with FOUR PAWS vets assessing the horses as healthy. 


According to an aerial census that took place in April 2014, the Letea area is inhabited by approximately 500 wild horses. The census will be updated in the coming weeks.