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LETEA: Another mare was freed from chains!


The fourth season of the birth control program for feral horses in the Danube Delta started with the rescue and release of a mare injured by tight chains wrapped around her front legs. 


In a field near the village, the FOUR PAWS vet team noticed a limping mare. She was part of a small group that included a stallion and two foals. From afar, it was clear that it was torture for the mare to try to keep up with the other members of the group.


Even though the horse was used to humans, to ensure the team’s and the animal’s safety, she had to be anesthetised from a distance. An unreasonably large chain was removed, revealing an old wound, that was not too complicated to treat. Once the injured leg was treated, the animal woke up and went back to her herd.


After 10 days in the field, we anesthetised and vaccinated 16 new mares; this gave the vets from the Hedmark Norway University, Nordic Forest and Wildlife Management Department enough blood samples for their research on our anaesthesia protocol.


We were also given a “clinic room” in Letea to castrate cats and dogs of the locals from Letea – not only did we manage to castrate 27 cats and dogs, but we also castrated 7 stallions.


The team will return in December  to continue the successful start of 4th season of the birth control programme in Letea, Danube delta.