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Dramatic rescue in Letea - FOUR PAWS team treated badly injured horse

For the third time our team was in Letea to continue the successful birth control program which controls the high population of wild horses there.


While our team was looking for new horses to treat, they noticed three mares all wearing tight chains or ropes around their necks. They had probably escaped from a farm somewhere and were then roaming around in the woods. Of course these chains were hindering the horses, so our team decided to free them from the shackles immediately. 

© FOUR PAWS | Matthias Schickhofer

Just in time …

The chain on one of the three mares had got dangerously embedded into her skin and was pretty close to her eye and lower jaw. The injury was already heavily infected  because the chain had partially grown into the skin. Our team reacted immediately and treated the horses locally. We can’t say exactly how this accident came to happen, but probably the chain had got stuck as the mare struggled to get free from it. The injury was already at least a month old and had brought the mare’s general health into a poor condition.


Everything went well

First our vet anesthetized the mare, removed the chain carefully and cleaned the wound. After a short time the horse woke up and went back to the herd, still quite cautious but determined. Our team watched her for a few days and was relieved that she recovered quickly and was obviously enjoying her life free of the chain.

Watch the whole rescue video below: