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Petra: Opening of stables for working horses in Petra

The new stables and the equine clinic have been officially opened by HRH Princess Alia Al Hussein of Jordan and FOUR PAWS founder Heli Dungler.
© FOUR PAWS | Tibor Rauch

In March 2015, FOUR PAWS, together with the Princess Alia Foundation (PAF) and the Petra Development and Tourism Regional Authority (PDTRA) launched a joint relief project for improving the health of Petra's working horses. 


Over the last few months, the health of many animals has greatly improved, new stables have been built and a water-diversion system has been created to protect the site from flash floods. Experienced equine vets from both FOUR PAWS and PAF have been visiting Petra regularly to treat injured or sick animals and to train local vets. HRH Princess Alia Hussein of Jordan and FOUR PAWS founder Heli Dungler have also visited Petra together to see the equine clinic and the new stables. The stables were built to offer the working horses of Petra a cool place to rest with bedding, fresh drinking water and ample food. 


Additionally, the tourism authority has issued new regulations that place strict controls on how horses are treated from now on. The new regulation entitled, “Instruction on organizing horses’ and camels’ work in the ancient Petra nature reserve”, should guarantee that horses are treated better from now on. Dr. Emad Hijazeen from the PDTRA explains, “The regulation requires owners to always carry food and water for the animals. It also specifies maximum carrying and pulling weights, and forbids owners to drive their animals to gallop. Violators are fined, and may have their operating licences withdrawn.” The authority also deploys rangers and tourism inspectors to assure compliance. FOUR PAWS, whose cooperation with PAF has meant a quicker implementation of this important regulation, welcomed this new regulation as it will make Petra a leading example of responsible tourism with highest animal welfare standards possible. 


For more information on the opening of the stables, please read the press release here.

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