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Our work with wildlife



Our coalition work with abandoned chimps in Liberia:


In 2015, FOUR PAWS became part of a coalition to save 66 chimpanzees who were left stranded without food or water on several isolated islands in Liberia. The chimps were formally used in biomedical research by the New York Blood Center (NYBC), who until last spring had been funding the island sanctuaries for the retired chimps. Without the NYBC’s funds, the resources for the chimps’ basic care and feeding ceased to exist and emergency action to save the lives of the chimps was needed! This is the coalition’s current focus, along with finding a long-term solution to ensure the humane, lifetime care of the chimpanzees.


*Take action: (from

Ask Citigroup to end their financial support of New York Blood Center, the org. that used chimpanzees in harmful research for decades and then abandoned them in Liberia! Contact Citigroup at 212-559-1000 and (suggested text below).


“I’m calling/writing to ask Citigroup to stop funding New York Blood Center. The blood center used chimpanzees in harmful research for decades and then abandoned them in Liberia. Please pledge to end your support unless the blood center agrees to reinstate funding for the chimpanzees. Thank you.”


 Our work with orangutans in Borneo:


Up until recently, FOUR PAWS had a prosperous cooperation with the NGO Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF) which ran the FOUR PAWS Orangutan Academy in Borneo, Indonesia helps prepare young orphaned orangutans for a life of freedom in the wild. FOUR PAWS began its work for orangutans in 2007.


This rescue station in Samboja Lestari offered traumatized orangutans rehabilitation. The orphan school teaches the youngsters how to survive in the wild so they are prepared for a free life in protected forests. FOUR PAWS applied a hands-off approach to the re-release process, meaning our caregivers encourage the orangutans to become more independent, and tend to act rather as observers who only step in when the apes now and again need help facing the challenges of life in the wild. The Academy is located in the area where the orangutans will eventually be released. This helps them to adapt to their new habitat and to learn all about their future home in the protected Kehje Sewen forest.


FOUR PAWS and the BOS Foundation have since decided to go serperate ways, however, our work with orangutans is not over. Look for updates coming soon!


*Take action: Avoid foods with palm oil in them. Lots of products unfortunately contain palm oil. The production of palm oil needs vast space for plantations. This has led directly to deforestation of the rain forest causing a huge ecological crisis. The rainforests in Asia are home to orangutans, many of whom have lost their habitat or are orphaned or injured in the clearcutting process. Look for products (includes food and personal healthcare products like shampoo and conditioner) that do not contain palm oil or that are made from a company that follows sustainable farming practices. Here are some other names for palm oil to watch out for:


Elaeis guineensis; Etyl palmitate; Glyceryl; Hydrogenated palm glycerides; Octyl palmitate; Palm fruit oil; Palm kernel; Palm kernel oil; Palm stearine; Palmate; Palmitate; Palmitic acid; Palmitoyl oxostearamide; Palmitoyl tetrapeptide-3; Palmityl alcohol; Palmolein; Sodium kernelate; Sodium laureth sulfate; Sodium lauryl lactylate/sulphate; Sodium lauryl sulfate; Sodium palm kernelate; Stearate; Stearic acid; Vegetable fat; Vegetable oil. (While some of these ingredients – like vegetable oil – aren’t always made from palm oil, they can be.)




BEAR ORPHANAGE Harghita – support from FOUR PAWS


In 2004, FOUR PAWS founded the special bear project BEAR ORPHANAGE Harghita in north-eastern Romania. There, orphan bear cubs are raised without human influence and are prepared for a life in the wilderness. In the meantime, other NGOs (e.g. WWF) are also supporting this project financially.


Wild bears roam throughout Eastern Europe and Russia. Young bear cubs are often susceptible to being separated from their mothers. If the orphans are found by humans, they are often sold to circuses, zoos or private citizens. There, a life of incredible suffering starts. Many of them are abused, are insufficiently fed, bound by chains and left in small cages. Every year Harghita takes in up to ten bear orphans whose mothers were tracked, chased away, or sometimes even killed by poachers. To promote natural rehabilitation, the station is closed to the public. An environment without proximity to humans is crucial for a successful release into the wild.


The timing for release into the wild depends on the individual bear’s development, usually occurring around the age of two, which is also when a bear mother would leave her cub to survive on its own. Before being released into the freedom of the wooded hills, the young bears are fitted with a transmitter, allowing the team of the BEAR ORPHANAGE to continue observing them. 


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Wild horses in Romania:


FOUR PAWS works to protect Europe’s last wild living horse population, the Letea horses, in the Romanian Danube Delta. Since 2012, FOUR PAWS has led a birth control program to humanely control the wild horse population, leading to fewer conflicts with local residence and less degradation to Letea’s fragile ecosystem.


FOUR PAWS has signed a long-term partnership agreement with the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Authority to manage the wild roaming horses in Letea in the Danube Delta. We will continue to offer professional and logistical support to provide population control of the horses by the most humane and least invasive method available: an immune contraceptive for the mares. Additionally, we will support the authorities in setting up an educational campaign regarding the wild horses, taking into consideration the touristic potential and the sustainable development of the area.


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EGS Owl and Bird of Prey Rehab Center:


FOUR PAWS/ VIER PFOTEN Österreich runs a wildlife rescue center called EULEN- UND GREIFVOGELSTATION Haringsee (EGS) based in Lower Austria. The EGS is a sanctuary and care center for wild birds (particularly for owls and birds of prey) located in Haringsee. The Haringsee Project provides care for injured wild birds and foundlings and their reintroduction into the wild if it is an option. For animals that cannot care for themselves in freedom or those that need lifelong care, custom-built aviaries are provided. FOUR PAWS has been involved with EGS since 2010.





Mobile vet clinic in Kenya:


In cooperation with the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Foundation, FOUR PAWS is financing a Mobile Vet Clinic in Kenya in the area of Tsavo National Park as well as in the Shimba Hills National Reserve and the Amboseli National Park.


Under the direction of the veterinarian Dr. David Ndeereh the clinic offers rapid help to animals in an emergency. Outfitted with a special car and up-to-date equipment, Dr. Ndeereh sets out every day to help animals in need.