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One-week successful neutering campaign in Botevgrad Municipality


More than 100 dogs and cats were treated during the campaign


A week-long campaign for neutering, rabies vaccination, deworming and marking of stray dogs and cats was held in the city of Botevgrad. The initiative was a joint effort between the Municipality of Botevgrad and the Bulgarian office of the international animal welfare organization “Four Paws.” A team of two veterinarians, one assistant and two dog-catchers, along with its mobile veterinary clinic, was able to process a total of 110 animals: 91 dogs and 16 cats were neutered and 3 animals were dewormed. 

"The largest number of treated animals was from "Saransk" district – 34, where the population of stray animals is concentrated. 16 dogs and cats were captured around the city center, 9 from the industrial area “Microelectronics,” 5 from "Arena Botevgrad" and 4 near the bus station. Due to the great interest shown by animal owners and the achieved results we plan to continue the project in the municipality of Botevgrad in the autumn of this year. "- said Dr. Margarita Chankova, project manager of "Stray Animals Care" at "Four paws".

This was the first campaign in Botevgrad municipality and it is part of the efforts of the new local authority to apply sustainable practices to reduce the number of strays and build a responsible attitude of the owners of pet dogs and cats. During the official launch of the campaign by the mayor of Botevgrad Mr. Ivan Gavalyugov and representatives of "Four Paws" at a meeting with the local community and the media the results of the census of stray dogs and cats conducted by the international organization in April this year in the city of Botevgrad and adjacent villages were presented.


During the neutering campaign the mobile clinic of "Four Paws" was located in the yard of the former veterinary clinic in Botevgrad, in part of the building which was kindly provided by the Regional Directorate for Food Safety for postoperative accommodation of animals.


The international animal welfare organization will continue its neutering projects with municipalities that are willing to humanely solve the problem of stray animals.

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