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Stray Animal Care in the municipality of Oryahovo

Two more SAC projects were conducted in July by our team in Bulgaria. First came SAC Oryahovo on the Danube River and then Botevgrad, just 60 km away from Sofia.


Oryahovo is in the middle of a region, infoamous for being the poorest in the EU. In 2014, the neighbouring town of Mizia was affected by severe floods with several victims and a team from FOUR PAWS Bulgaria was there to help. 


From July 4 to July 8, .2016, a FOUR PAWS team composed of two veterinarians, one assistant and two dog-catchers was in Oryahovo, where it captured, neutered, vaccinated, dewormed and returned back stray dogs and cats.

During the five days of the neutering campaign, our team was able to process in our mobile clinic 103 animals.


This is the first project of its kind of the organization in the municipality of Oryahovo and was part of the efforts of local authorities to reduce the number of stray animals.