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Bucharest City Hall stops the killing of stray dogs


© FOUR PAWS | Mihai Vasile

In an interview yesterday with Romanian state agency, “Agerpres”, the Mayor of Bucharest, Romania, Mayor Sorin Oprescu, has ordered a stop to the killing of stray dogs. This announcement comes following the June 20, 2014 decision by the Bucharest Court of Appeals, which brought the city’s current stray dog killing law to an abrupt halt.


Despite his order to cease the practice, in adhesion to the Court of Appeals decision, the mayor remains adamant that the Court of Appeal’s ruling, is eccentric and that “it will bring us back to uncivilized times and to the dog bites."

FOUR PAWS International notifies Romanian officials to adhere to the court’s ruling

FOUR PAWS International has issued an official notification to the Romanian Government, the National Sanitarian Veterinarian Authority (ANSVSA), the City Hall of Bucharest, the Stray Dogs Management Authority of Bucharest (ASPA), and all municipal dog pounds, advising them about the Court of Appeal’s decision and the immediate mandate to stop the practice of killing stray dogs.  The notification also included details of the legal ramifications for persons not in compliance with the court’s decision.