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FOUR PAWS ad campaign receives top 6 award


The Good Dog Catcher


On May 8, 2014, Australian-based public relations company,, named FOUR PAWS TV ad, “The Good Dog Catcher” one of its best for the week! Designed by Romanian-based firm, GMP, the FOUR PAWS ad was selected in the sixth spot (in the world) in the category ‘Outdoors’.

 “The Good Dog Catcher” campaign was launched by FOUR PAWS in December 2013 as a solution to the crisis provoked by the tragedy just months before, in which a child was killed by a stray dog.


Public opinion concerning stray dogs, following the incident, was split into two sides: one side was firm on aiming for mass euthanasia of the strays, while the other side, made up of mostly animal enthusiasts, elected for a more humane solution. 

GMP proposed an innovative concept which was illustrated through “The Good Dog Catchers” campaign -- the transformation of stray dogs into assistance dogs for persons with disabilities.


Romanian dog trainer, Cătălin Cornea, responded to GMP’s concept, and selected a dog named “Karma” from a private shelter, to be the first stray dog in the world to help persons with both mental and physical disabilities.


Until the introduction of this FOUR PAWS’ concept, this type of dog training had only been accomplished with specific breeds of dogs, much less strays. 

Last month, the Romanian Government modified the law of the persons with disabilities to allow them the benefit of assistance dogs, inclusively strays, trained through public funding.


According to Iona Gheorghita, Head of Strategy, GMP Advertising, “The idea of the project was created based on a very aggressive debate from both sides of the fence. Through the power of example, ‘The Good Dog Catcher’ shows the ability to transform the animosities of people about strays (and strays about people) into mutual, and beneficial admiration. We are delighted that this initiative received a positive response from the authorities and we want to see many more “good dog catchers” to follow.

“The Good Dog Catcher” is the second initiative by FOUR PAWS that uses stray dogs to help people with disabilities – Ten years ago, “Dogs for People” was introduced, where rescued stray dogs, accompanied by dog trainers and psychologists, assisted disabled children and the elderly.


“The Good Dog Catcher” campaign illustrated a successful transformation of an anonymous shelter dog, named “Karma”, and how he, with just adequate devotion to training, was able to assist a human being in a meaningful way. 

“As both projects have demonstrated, shelter dogs represent an immense resource from which society may benefit, and the recent legal change regarding the creation of animal assistance programs for people with disabilities, proves that”, declares Anca Negoescu, Head of Communication, FOUR PAWS Romania.


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