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Killing of stray dogs season in Romania has officially started


FOUR PAWS joins protest and takes legal steps for Romanian Government to stop the killing. 

At the Court of Appeal in Bucharest, FOUR PAWS has submitted legal steps for the Romanian Government to freeze the killing of stray dogs. Over 1,000 supporters joined the protest in Bucharest, unfolding a banner calling on the Government to “Give dogs a chance to live”


 We already warned the authorities that killing the stray dogs is not a genuine solution to empty the streets of strays. We will take all necessary steps to convince the Government to stop this law and replace it with one that will bring a sustainable solution for the situation in the country and welfare for people and for dogs, without resorting to killing. Taking it to the Court of Appeal is the first step now the killing season is open.

The killing law is unacceptable and impracticable

The killing law came into force last October following a tragic incident in which a little boy was fatally injured by stray dogs a month earlier. The methodology to be applied to the killing came to light at Christmas time and the killing started soon after. It has aspects that contradict several laws and make it unacceptable. For example, the local authorities may now delegate the management of the stray dogs to any private company.


On the enforcement level the law is impracticable for several reasons. One example is the indistinct authority given to administrative units, which may step in to collect and kill dogs from each other’s territories. Public access to monitor shelters is severely restricted and there are few opportunities for adoptions. Furthermore, dog owners must notify the local authorities when they leave their residence for longer than 2 weeks – a requirement which is neither adequate nor practicable.

The killing law discourages adoptions and encourages fraud

We found legal weaknesses in the methodology of the law and we've attacked it. It treats dog owners as prisoners. It discourages adoptions. It encourages fraud and an illicit killing business. The court may suspend the killing law at the first judicial hearing, to be scheduled soon.


FOUR PAWS has already reported over 70 abuse cases to authorities in the past few months (shooting, poisoning and other barbarian methods). So far, the police were not able to bring the criminals to justice. 


FOUR PAWS calls on the Romanian Government to freeze the current killing law and to issue an Emergency Governmental Ordinance that will cancel killing and manage the stray dog population in a humane and sustainable manner.