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Poll reveals majority of Romanians are against the killing of stray animals


© © VIER PFOTEN | Mihai Vasile

The issue of Romanian stray dogs continues to exist. Countless dogs are losing their lives due to legalized euthanasia . Through the request of FOUR PAWS, one of Romania’s leading market research companies, Mercury Research, orchestrated a public opinion poll regarding the mass killings of strays – the result was surprising: 62% of Romanians are against the killing of stray dogs. A large number of Romanians agree with alternative solutions to the stray dog problem. 84% prefer the option of keeping stray dogs in animal shelter. 72% agree with returning the docile ones to the streets, once neutered. Particularly interesting: 66% would not vote for a political party which supports euthanasia of stray dogs. 7% of Romanians would even adopt a stray.

© © VIER PFOTEN | Livia Cimpoeru

Neutering as a sustainable solution


Moreover, the poll reveals that the people of Romania are open-minded to sustainable solutions to the management of stray dogs. This fact strengthens FOUR PAWS claims to stop spending public money for killing and instead develop high-quality shelters and adoption centers. Gabriel Paun, Director of Campaigns at FOUR PAWS, is very pleased with the results of the poll. “The people of Romania are open-minded to safe streets and no-kill solutions. They see that addressing the source of the problem and stopping reproduction is the most sustainable option", states Paun.