Campaign Success! 

Fur Free Alliance and FOUR PAWS Confirm #PradaGoesFurFree 

As a member of the Fur Free Alliance, an international coalition of 50  animal protection organizations that represents millions of supporters worldwide, FOUR PAWS aided in securing Prada as the latest leading brand to join the fur-free fashion movement. Competitors like Gucci, Versace, Armani, Michael Kors, Donna Karan and HUGO BOSS have already set the trend by accepting a forward-thinking attitude towards the use of fur in luxury fashion. 

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Animal fur in fashion not en vogue anymore

The majority of consumers want nothing to do with the fur trade, and other major fashion brands have already announced policies renouncing the use of real fur. Countries like Norway, the Netherlands and Belgium are distancing themselves from animal cruelty by banning fur farming. Additionally, major cities from San Francisco to São Paulo have banned the sale of fur and the United Kingdom, which banned fur farming in 2000, and Los Angeles are now looking to ban fur sales as well.

The horrific implications of the fur farming industry

On fur farms, wild animals spend their entire lives in wire mesh cages, deprived of the ability to engage in natural behaviors—only to be killed cruelly. In the wild, animals are held in traps for days without food or water until trappers come to retrieve them, often gnawing off their own limbs first in a desperate attempt to escape.

Fur production is also environmentally devastating. Fur factory farms and tanneries are extremely harmful to our soil and waterways—pumping waste and toxic chemicals into the surrounding environment. The traps responsible for killing wild animals often maim and kill non-target animals, including endangered species and even family pets. All told, the fur industry is an environmental nightmare.