Geretteter Tiger aus Syrien genießt die Abendsonne in FELIDA

FELIDA Big Cat Center

An intensive care rescue center for big cats

Special Care

Big Cat Center FELIDA is located in the northern region of the Netherlands in the small village of Nijeberkoop. The center specializes in the intensive care of traumatized big cats.

Compared to other FOUR PAWS sanctuaries, the facility is smaller in order to closely monitor the animals and provide limited, controlled risk to the physical and mental health of each big cat.

FELIDA provides a safe home to big cats, such as tigers and lions. These animals come from a number of backgrounds like circuses, private keeping and war-torn zoos and often had a difficult start in life. Some of these big cats have developmental delays due to inbreeding while others suffer from severe malnutrition, among other health concern. At FELIDA, they receive the specialized care to help them overcome their difficult pasts. 

Tiger Caruso at FELIDA 2017


Big Cat Centre FELIDA was founded in 2014, after FOUR PAWS International took over an existing ailing big cat rescue centre. Due to financial problems and severe overdue maintenance, FOUR PAWS was requested for help in 2013, which lead to a complete takeover of the centre.

The facility is located in Nijeberkoop, a small village in the Northern part of the Netherlands. Since the takeover a lot has happened and the facilities and animal care were strongly improved. FOUR PAWS transferred 15 big cats (7 lions, 7 tigers and 1 leopard) from FELIDA to LIONSROCK. FELIDA provides intensive care to traumatized big cats with special needs and works towards further developments to strengthen this role for the future.

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