The Beauty of adoption!

Adopting a pet is a wonderful process. It’s a way of giving a loving new home to a shelter animal – and maybe even saving its life. There are many different animal care issues to consider during the adoption process, but it will all be worthwhile when the new owner goes home with their adopted pet.

Adopt a senior pet

Giving home to an older pet can be an enriching experience. Seniors bring so many benefits


Myths about animal shelter pets

There are some commonly held myths about animal shelters


"Less adoptable" pets

They may be blind, they may have disabilities, they may be old, they may have special needs.


What makes a good shelter

If you have no experience of animal shelters, you may be wondering how to spot a good one. Here are a few pointers to help you recognise a well-run shelter



  • Age can be an advantage

    Older animals tend to be more reliable, because their character is already fully developed.

  • Shorter walks & playtimes

    Older pets already have an established routine, and they are usually quieter and less demanding to look after. In older age, animals adapt well to the lifestyles and routines of their human companions.

  • Well-trained

    Older pets are house-trained and used to going for walks, they don’t scratch the furniture, and they generally know how to behave.

  • Seniors are for everyone

    Thanks to their quiet and stable nature, older animals often make good first-time pets. People with no experience of caring for animals can learn a lot from older pets. 

  • Doing a good thing

    Making the most of the time that remains. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that you’re giving an older animal a happy retirement.

You want to get a pet?

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Checklist: Getting a Pet

A guide for future pet owners


Preparing your home

Before you bring your new adopted friend home there a few things that should already be prepared. Some equipment needs to acquired, the essentials are


Getting a Dog?

Things to consider before getting a dog


Getting a Cat?

Things to consider before getting a cat


Adopt dont shop

It’s a way of giving a loving new home to a shelter animal

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