Endangered Species Act

Help Save the Endangered Species Act!

One of the most successful conservation laws of our time, the Endangered Species Act (ESA), is under attack by the Trump Administration and members of Congress. These powerful government officials are prioritizing corporate interests above science and the survival of endangered species.  

Proposed bills aim to strip the ESA of its strength and power in protecting our wildlife. Lobbyists for the oil, mining and logging industries have persuaded the Trump Administration and federal lawmakers to push for reforms that:

  • Place economic profits over species survival
  • Remove climate change as a factor that impacts species survival, including humanity's
  • Allow critical species habitats to be destroyed for oil pipelines and other disastrous industry projects
  • Replace scientific reasoning for determining the listing of threatened species under the Act

Without the ESA, iconic species like the Bald Eagle, Grizzly Bears, and American Gray Wolves would no longer exist. Threatened international species, such as African Lions and Elephants - granted protection under the ESA as part of U.S. international treaty obligations to ensure the survival of species against harmful international trade - would also suffer.

Additionally, the ESA also affords protections to endangered species in captivity, allowing for the rescue of animals like tigers and lions living in deplorable conditions in roadside zoos.

No More Victims of Corporate Greed!

We must act now to ensure the ESA and the animals it protects do not become victims of profit! Animals on the Endangered Species List need your help!