About Four PAWs 

FOUR PAWS has been successfully focused on one goal: Helping improve the lives of animals through sustainable projects through education and advocacy, rescue and refuge.
 We improve the lives of animals through rescue, refuge, education and advocacy. FOUR PAWS USA is the only U.S.-based office and is located in Boston. 

 A Founder's Society Exclusive: Dr. Katherine Polak on FOUR PAWS' important work in Southeast Asia

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The Founder's society 

The Founder’s Society is comprised of compassionate, generous animal advocates who are responsible for creating a lasting impact by making leadership gifts. The generous amount of giving from this group has allowed us to achieve the following:

  • Care for emaciated lions in Sudan
  • Opportunities to enter conflict zones across the Middle East to save dozens of animals in need
  • Reach our 2019 goal of vaccinating 100,000 strays
  • Complete our largest Asiatic Black Bear rescue in Vietnam
  • And so much more!

Jen Wessel

Manager of Philanthropic Giving

If you have further question, please contact Jen via email:

Jen has been at FOUR PAWS for over three years. Before working closely with our supporters, she worked in our Communications and our Operations departments. Jen has been part of two Disaster Relief missions in the US with the FOUR PAWS team to the Carolinas and Florida. She was also directly involved with our Escape the Trade Initiative in 2019, preparing and accompanying six rescued from the brutal dog meat trade on their journey to New Hampshire, US for adoption. Jen has a special love for our rescued Asiatic Black Bears and is especially passionate about our work in Vietnam in which we rescue bears from the illegal wildlife trade and bile industry and bring them to our Bear Sanctuary Ninh Binh to live the rest of their days in peace. 


▪ Exclusive info: Receive behind-the-scenes updates of our rescue missions
▪ Impact: Our quarterly magazine (available in print and electronic copy)
▪ Exclusive photos of our animals with their heartwarming stories

▪ Direct Contact: Personal access to the FOUR PAWS team in the U.S. and abroad, including Manager of the Founder’s Society, Jen Wessel
▪ and much more!

THE Founder's society 



In Europe, we rescue captive brown bears from private zoos, circuses or private ownership. In Vietnam, we protect and rescue bile bears.

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Big Cats

FOUR PAWS is committed to helping lions, tigers and other big cats. We have rescued big cats from Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

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All over the world, millions of stray dogs are left to their own devices. Abandoned, abused and afraid, they often live hard lives.

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