Orangutan Eska

Orangutan Eska

Cheeky Eska loves to play-wrestle. He is a good learner but likes attending to distractions (as well as creating them)!  


Name meaning: Eska was named by a member of the President’s staff who helped us get a breakthrough audience with the Minister of Forestry

Born in 2013

Bio: Orangutan Eska was rescued along with Amalia from a private zoo that was shut down by authorities. He was under-weight and very intimidated by everything. He didn’t seek out humans to feel safe, instead opting to embrace himself for comfort. His play with Amalia is often mismatched, as she is much stronger than him and does not hold back. 

Since Amalia was moved back to quarantine at the FOREST SCHOOL, Eska now stays with Cantik in Camp Sungai. This has given him the chance to be the stronger playmate. This took some adjusting, and he would often be too rough with her, but now they love nothing more than play wrestling together. He is a cheeky little boy who loves to distract his foster mothers when they are teaching him important skills like nest-building!

Favourite past-times: Eska and Cantik both love splashing about and wrestling in the water!

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Orphan orangutan

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