Burberry Renounces Fur, Now It’s Prada’s Turn


Burberry follows latest trend of major fashion icons while FOUR PAWS and the Fur Free Alliance urge Prada to follow suit

September 7, 2018 –This week marks the beginning of the iconic New York Fall Fashion Week. Fashion mogul Burberry already made headlines after it’s announcement to refrain from using fur in its collections. In response, FOUR PAWS International – the international animal welfare organization – and the Fur Free Alliance (FFA) launched a campaign urging fashion brand Prada to follow in the footsteps of Burberry and other luxury fashion competitors. The campaign asks animal supporters around the world to send a protest e- mail or call Prada asking them to adopt a fur- free policy (

Competitors Gucci, Versace, Armani, Michael Kors, Donna Karan and HUGO BOSS have set the standard for ethical fashion. Their forward- thinking attitudes have revolutionized the industry and animal fur in fashion has shown signs of no longer being in vogue.

“Modern luxury means being socially and environmentally responsible.”

Burberry Chief Executive Marco Gobbetti

And this couldn’t reign more true.

The decision of these brands to go fur- free is an important one. Fur production is environmentally devastating and has other societal implications. Factory farms and tanneries are extremely harmful to soil and waterways as they pump waste and toxic chemicals into the surrounding environment. Traps responsible for killing wild animals often maim and kill non-target animals, including endangered species and even family pets. As a result, more consumers want nothing to do with the fur trade. Major cities from San Francisco to São Paulo have banned the sale of fur, and Los Angeles is also looking to ban fur sales. Countries such as the United Kingdom, which banned fur farming in 2000, Norway, the Netherlands and Belgium are distancing themselves from animal cruelty by banning fur farming.

“Consumers support companies that care about animal protection. The food industry has proved this with the huge demand for more organic, vegan and vegetarian options at restaurants and in grocery stores. Ethical consumerism is the way of the future and our goal is to encourage Prada to join the trend instead of supporting the extreme animal suffering that is all too common in the fur trade.”

Claire LaFrance, FOUR PAWS USA Head of Communications

On fur farms, wild animals spend their entire lives in wire mesh cages, deprived of the ability to engage in natural behaviors, only to be killed cruelly. In the wild, animals can be held captive in traps for days without food or water until trappers come to retrieve them. In the meantime, they often gnaw off their own limbs in a desperate attempt to escape. Once on the fur farm, they are plagued by illness, uncleanly keeping conditions, stress and overcrowding.

“We want to draw attention to Prada’s fur policy during an extremely important time in fashion, right before all eyes are set on the major world leading cities in fashion: New York City, London, Milan, and Paris. We encourage Prada to join the front-runners and reject fur at a time when more and more major brands are choosing to replace animal fur with innovative alternative materials.”

Thomas Pietsch, Wild Animal Expert at FOUR PAWS

The Fur Free Alliance is a coalition made up of more than 40 animal protection organizations from over 30 countries working to end the fur trade. The alliance also runs the Fur Free Retailer Program, which celebrates more than 900 fur-free companies worldwide and helped announce fur-free policies for Gucci, HUGO BOSS, Armani and many others. FOUR PAWS is a proud and active member of the ground-breaking alliance but also was founded through fighting this particular cruelty. FOUR PAWS has worked to end the fur trade for decades, lobbying to end fur farming across Europe, pushing for labelling laws in European countries, pressuring companies to find fur alternatives, and educated the public on consumer choices. To most of these there have been large and small victories but plenty more to be done while millions of animals are killed each year for their fur.

FOUR PAWS is encouraing everyone to join in by calling or emailing Prada and asking them to adopt a fur- free policy and help build this movement! (

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