Dog Doris

Feb. 2018


Rescue Doris


Poor dog Doris had a stroke of bad luck in humid Thailand

Lovely dog Doris was originally rescued over two years ago, when she was found at the side of the road in Thailand with a deep head wound. 

She was rescued by our partner organization, Headrock Dog Rescue. Luckily, with a lot of special care and attention, she received special care and love and went on to make a full recovery.

Recently however, poor Doris came into some bad luck when a heatwave struck the area. The team at Headrock found Doris collapsed on the ground at the centre, she was panting heavily with a high fever. When she began having seizures, trembling and foaming at the mouth, the team knew she had suffered from heatstroke! 

Heatstroke is extremely dangerous for dogs as they don't have the same capacities as humans to cool down their bodies down. The team acted fast, they were able to bring her body temperature down using wet towels. She was treated with anti-seizure medication. 

We are very happy to report that Doris hasn't had a seizure since, her health has improved and she is back to her normal, sweet self. 

Cooling Doris down
Doris feeling much better!

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