Brown bear Lady M.

Rescue Lady M.


After many years of 'dancing', this girl can spend her days in peace 

Lady M, as we call her, is one of the oldest bears we have in our care. She had a difficult start to her life, and was a "dancing bear" in Bulgaria, living in a yard of a special school. After her owners could no longer care for her, this sweet lady was transferred between zoos. Spending her days behind metal bars. 

Although there were attempts to put an end to this cruelty, Bulgaria had nowhere for authorities to keep the bears and law was not strictly enforced. Roma families were allowed to continue to keep bears, under license, until a sanctuary was found for them. It was only in 1998, that the training and dancing of bears was outlawed in Bulgaria.

The Bulgarian government approached FOUR PAWS and together with Brigitte Bardot Foundation, a suitable sanctuary for mistreated bears was built. A “heaven” called DANCING BEARS PARK Belitsa opened in 2000, up in the beautiful mountains, and in 2007, Lady M.'s life was changed when she was rescued by FOUR PAWS and transferred to DANCING BEARS PARK Belitsa. 

Lady M. and the other bears rescue and transfer to the sanctuary make up "the last dancing bears of Bulgaria", marking the end of this cruel tradition forever in Bulgaria. 

All her owners called her with different names, but all of them started with letter M: Masha, Misha, Mariana and so on. Therefor, her name is now Lady M.

Today, sweet Lady M. lives with another bear, Dobry. Both these bears have impaired eyesight. She has had her ear cut off by someone long ago, but today she lives in peace and enjoys living out her days with grass under her paws and all the luxury she deserves. 

Update February 2020

Lady M. is doing well. Her fur has changed a lot over the years. When we first rescued here, she had lost some fur around her nose due to her lack of nutrition. But today, she is looking great!

She is slowly coming out from hibernation for meals from time to time. For Valentine's Day, the caretakers decided to surprise her with some of her favorite treats.

They prepared the fruits and veggies in the shape of a heart. They also hid some fish in a box, as Lady M. loves foraging for her snacks. 

Lady M. in the grass

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