Three Vietnamese bile bears rescued in under 28 hours


The impromptu rescue of three nameless Asiatic black bears 

After months of work led by our local partners "Education for Nature Vietnam", three illegally kept bears from a bile bear farm in Nghe An province were confiscated by the authorities on May 30th. For our team in Vietnam, this rescue came unexpectedly, and they only had a few hours to prepare. The mission was carried out under intense pressure but fortunately, the three bears are now safe in our BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh.

"It was the most extreme situation that our team has had to deal with so far. The whole team was amazing and didn’t falter, although it was an incredibly stressful and difficult situation."

Emily Lloyd, Animal Manager FOUR PAWS Viet 

How they got there names?

The two female bears were named Lulu and Lili by FOUR PAWS Viet. For the male bear we asked the FOUR PAWS facebook community for their help to pick one of these two options for the male: 

  • Lac meaning “peanut”
  • Em meaning “small”


Peanut or "Lac" won!

By June 14th, Lac has really settled and his playful personality started shining through. He loves water and having showers so much that it is difficult to clean his cage and fill his water bowl because he continuously jumps in front of the hose. He likes to put his whole face in the water bowl to drink. He loves banana leaves and the hessian bags we give him for bedding. 

Now all bears have names: Lili, Lulu and Lac

This case demonstrates the ongoing problem of illegally kept bears in Vietnam, and that authorities must continue their efforts to ensure they are found and immediately confiscated - to ultimately bring an end to all bear farming in Vietnam.

More information about our work in Vietnem: #saddestbears

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