Dog Oiţã on the streets

Feb. 2020


Rescue Oiţã


So much love to give after being hurt by humans

It is not unusual to see many stray dogs on the streets of Romania, but when colleagues at our partner organization, Animal Society, spotted this little ball of fluff in the town of Slobozia, 75 miles from Bucharest, they sensed she needed help. On closer inspection, this sweet elderly dog had sever face injuries. She had been hit extremely hard in the face, and following this her jaw was broken. She had no teeth left due to her injury and her age. She needed help urgently. 

When approaching these situations, the team knows to approach with caution, when an animal has been so badly let down by humans; often their terror may cause them to flee. However, as the team approached this girl, it was as if she knew we were saving her. 

What comes next for her?

She was named Oiţã (meaning little sheep), and is around 8- 9 years old. She was severally weak and anemic. With her injuries there was little to no possibility of her feeding herself for some time. When in the clinic little Oiţã received tests to measure her vitals and an x-ray to decide the best option with her jaw. 

After everything that has happened to this little dog, her rescuers say she has the character of an angel. One thing was clear, Oiţã cannot be returned to the street. Either she stays in the Speranta shelter, or we will do everything to find a loving family, one that she has been looking for her whole life. 

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