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Some wounds remain scars forever

Violeta is one of our oldest bear living at our DANCING BEAR PARK Belitsa in Bulgaria which is run together with Fondation Brigitte Bardot

Violeta was certainly a beautiful bear before humans pierced her nose without any anesthesia, to tie a metal chain and exploit her as a so-called "dancing bear". Again, and again her nose was pierced. Again, and again she was pulled by the metal chain that was attached to her skin. Again and again the pulling tore the skin inside her nose and jaw, leaving behind deep wounds and loose flaps of skin. These wounds are still visible and can no longer heal. 

Although there were attempts to put an end to bears dancing in 1993, sadly the law was not stricly enforced. Bulgaria also had nowhere for the authorities to keep any bears it may confiscate and law was not strictly enforced. Roma families were allowed to still keep the bears, under license, until a sanctuary was found for them. This meant that these bears endured suffering for much longer. It was only in 1998, that the training and dancing of bears was outlawed in Bulgaria.

The Bulgarian government approached FOUR PAWS and together with Brigitte Bardot Foundation, a suitable sanctuary for mistreated bears was built. DANCING BEARS PARK Belitsa opened in 2000, surrounded by the beautiful mountains of Bulgaria. 

However, the true end to the cruel tradition of dancing bears in Bulgaria was in 2007, when the last three remaining dancing bears were rescued and transferred to the sanctuary. No bears in Bulgaria will ever be forced into this cruelty again! 

Violeta's scars are the indisputable evidence of her brutal past, where she was found neglected under the poorest keeping conditions you can imagine. Years of malnutrition have affected her outer skin and fur. Every year after hibernation, Violeta loses patches of fur, mainly around her face. But despite those visible wounds, the old lady is a fun-loving bear who feels very comfortable at her forever home. 

Violeta is feeling more relaxed these summer days. Her eyesight is weakened over the years and now she is blind, therefore she usually smell the ground first to find the food. Her favorite meals has to contain nuts and grapes. 

In the early days, Violeta used to walk with a lot of confidence but it seems like recently she is slowing down a bit! Previously during her daily routine, she would walk through her entire enclosure (27,865 square meters), while recently she is spending more time near the pond, in the upper part of her enclosure. One of her favorite spots to spend some relaxing time is lying under the shades of the trees. 

Violeta is one of the oldest bears at the sanctuary, and based on her daily behavior, the team on site decides to have regular check-ups for her.  

Violeta rolling around

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