Rescue Xuan and Mo

Mar. 2021

Ninh Binh

Rescue Xuan and Mo 


Kept in a basement: bile bears Xuan and Mo were rescued from a life in darkness 

Since they were cubs, bears Xuan and Mo had lived in a windowless, wet basement without ventilation, light, or fresh air. They had nothing but the rusty bars of their tiny barren cages. Xuan and Mo have suffered unimaginably. 

The only time the bears saw the light was when their owner came to feed them or worse: puncture their gallbladder with a needle, a painful procedure to extract their bile. The owner's family then used the bile for medicinal purposes. For years, these bears have known nothing but pain and abuse. 

During the pre-visit to the farm on site, the team was shocked by the horrific living conditions and what the bears had gone through. Afterwards, there was no question that the bears had to rescued and brought to our BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh.

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Following much planning and preparation, our team traveled over 10 hours to arrive in the Son La Province at the residence where the bears were being kept. Arriving at the farm in the early hours of the morning, the two bears were quite calm and unafraid when they met the FOUR PAWS staff. We are all relieved that the rescue mission went smoothly. An initial vet check was done onsite, revealing that the bears both had signs of gallbladder disease due to multiple unsanitary and traumatic bile extraction processes carried out on the farm. In addition, Xuan is overweight, has liver disease and his teeth are in terrible condition. Three of his fractured canine teeth will need to be removed in the coming months.  

The long journey to BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh was calm, and the bears happily snacked on bananas and apples. Compared to their experience of life in a tiny rusty cage, this must have felt like a first-class trip to them! Now, their painful past is over and they can start to live the species-appropriate life they deserve. We hope the two bears will be able to overcome their traumatic past and fully adapt to their new surroundings soon. We can’t wait to watch them enjoy the upcoming years in our sanctuary!  

Stay updated on their progress soon!

Bile bear

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