In Memory of Heli Dungler

Coalitions and Partnerships

FOUR PAWS is involved in many issues, collaborations, and partnerships.

From our office based in Boston, Massachusetts, we are pleased to be working closely with these amazing groups and causes below. 

National Council for Animal Protection (NCAP)

FOUR PAWS is a proud member of NCAP whose mission is to help its members achieve individual and collective goals to improve the treatment and status of all animals. The National Council for Animal Protection envisions a world in which every human and every sector of society treats animals with respect and compassion, and in which animals are free from human exploitation. The goals of NCAP are to:

  • Increase the visibility and public understanding of animal advocacy issues
  • Increase public support to end animal suffering
  • Elevate the status of animals as a mainstream issue in society
  • Analyze the current status of the animal advocacy movement and strategize the best methods for advancing our work
  • Enhance the professional skills of people working in the animal advocacy movement
  • Facilitate respect, cooperation, and communication among member organizations

Fur Free Alliance (FFA)

An International coalition working to stop the killing and exploitation of animals for their fur.  The mission is to bring an end, by appropriate legal and non-violent means, to the killing and exploitation of all animals for their fur by raising public awareness about the cruelty and negative environmental impacts associated with the global fur trade. FFA envisions a world where no animals are killed or exploited for their fur, on the basis that it is morally repugnant to utilize any animal for such frivolous purposes. This is accomplished by:

  • Informing the public about the substantial animal suffering caused by the fur industry 
  • Advancing legislative actions and in-depth investigations as needed 
  • Targeting consumers and the fashion industry to encourage readily available alternatives 
  • Working nationally and internationally through joint or individual campaigns  

The Massachusetts Nonprofit Network (MNN)

FOUR PAWS is proud to be a member of the MNN, which serves as the voice of the nonprofit sector in Massachusetts and understands that strong nonprofits build strong communities. MNN is the only statewide organization dedicated to supporting the entire sector through advocacy, public awareness, and capacity building strategies. MNN’s main goals are to:

  • Promote the image of the nonprofit sector as efficient, effective, and essential
  • Strengthen the nonprofit sector by engaging members in advocacy and affecting public policy initiatives
  • Build capacity in nonprofits across the state