Cattle have a distinct personality and strong emotions. These animals live in herds with a clear hierarchy. Under natural conditions, they spend most of the time grazing, during which they cover several miles per day. 

Cattle can live for up to 20 years but in commercial beef farming, they are slaughtered at an average age of 18 months. Learn more about the lives of these amazing animals and what animal welfare issues they face.

interesting facts about cattle

10 Facts about Dairy Cattle

Interesting and surprising facts about cows 


A bonding affair

Family bonds are not exclusive to humans


Age of Farm Animals

How old would a cow, a pig or a hen live to be if they were not slaughtered?


how cattle suffer

23.5 million dairy cows are kept in the European Union, mostly under terrible conditions. A bull that weighs some 650 kilogrammes at the end of the fattening phase usually has two to three square metres at his disposal. Calves fattened for the production of veal are slaughtered already at the age of between three and six months.  

Rinder mit Hörnern auf der Weide

Mutilation of Cattle

Painful interventions are carried out on cattle without anaesthesia.


Environmental Impact of Meat Consumption

How does eating meat impact the environment?


Animal Welfare & Nutrition

What does diet have to do with animal welfare?


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