Animal Welfare and COVID-19

What you need to know and what can you do?
Please find below all content about the coronavirus.

FOUR PAWS Statement on the novel coronavirus / COVID-19

Adaptations we have made, animal care remains top priority 

Cats like to play

How to keep your pets occupied during the coronavirus lockdown

Guide for Pet Owners


NGOs call on World Health Organization to help stop next pandemic

In the wake of COVID-19, FOUR PAWS demands a ban on global wildlife markets to prevent such health crises in the future

Dog at home

After the lockdown: helping your pet to cope when normal life resumes

FOUR PAWS Guide for Pet Owners

Stray animal care in Romania

COVID-19 and Stray Animals

What a pandemic means for stray cats and dogs


Games Just for You! #ClickAndLearn

Since most of us have to stay at home, make yourself comfortable and have fun! 

Orangatan in Care of FOUR PAWS

FOUR PAWS ORANGUTAN FOREST SCHOOL prepares for emergencies

Virus thought to pose grave danger to great apes 

Happy Bear

Measures in times of corona

We are well prepared and care for our animals

Little boy with dog at home

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and your pet – No risk to humans

Guide for pet owners

Pet cat sleeping

COVID-19: Ways to Help Animals and People while at home

You can still show your love for animals while staying safe at home! 

Dog at Home

Q&As: Pets and Coronavirus

Information for pet owner

Live animal transport

Consequence of Corona: Endless waiting times and cruel circumstances at borders

Live animal transports during coronavirus situation


Animal Assisted Intervention (AAI)

Rescuing stray dogs to become therapy dogs