10 facts about cats

Surprising facts about our feline friends

  • Cats have powerful night vision, enabling them to see at light levels six times lower than what a human needs to see¹.
  • A cats’ tongue is littered with little thorns (papillae) which help during the grooming process. Saliva is then able to make its way onto the fur and all the way through to the skin of the cat. Because of this grooming can also have a cooling effect.
  • Cats have a distinct preference for the left or right paw when climbing a flight of stairs, stepping over objects or when grabbing food. Male cats are more likely to be “left- pawed” than female cats².
  • Cats descend trees in reverse, as they use their claws as hooks to give them a stronger grip².
  • Cats are mostly born with blue eyes but their eye color changes as they get older².
  • Cats conserve energy by sleeping. On average cats sleep for 13 to 14 hours a day¹.
  • Cats have a distinct feeling for balance and a flexible spine. This allows them to twist their body when they fall so that they always land on their paws. The vertebrae in cats’ spines are not joined, so they are able to twist their spine more than other animals.
  • Cats can run fast! Even house cats can reach top speeds of 29 miles per hour!
  • Cats only “meow” for humans. Communication with other cats is done through body language.
  • The nose print of a cat is as unique and intricate as human fingerprints².



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