Did you know that humans are part of the great ape family? Along with our closest relatives orangutans, chimpanzees, bonobos and gorillas, we are the last surviving great apes, or homonids. Great apes are mostly vegetarian and love to eat fruit, leaves, roots and also nuts and grass seeds. They are known to use various tools, and except for gorillas, are agile climbers of trees. FOUR PAWS rehabilitates orphaned orangutans on Indonesian Borneo, and supports the welfare and rehabilitation of Gorillas in Gabon, Africa. With our ORANGUTAN FOREST SCHOOL and the Fernan-Vaz Gorilla Project we give these animals a second chance. 

Worth knowing about Orangutans

10 Facts about Orangutans

Enjoy these incredible facts about these lovable apes. 


Orangutan Kartini

She has good forest skills and loves looking for food


Orangutan Amalia

Already head of the class, Amalia is a great nest-builder. Help her spend every night in the tree tops!


Orangutan Eska

Cheeky Eska loves to play-wrestle. He is a good learner but likes attending to distractions (as well as creating them)! 


Orangutan Robin

He loves humans so much, Robin will never be able to be released into the wild


Orangutan Cantik

At the age of 4, Cantik is the middle-child of the group. She is a loving older sister to the babies, and a good friend to Eska.


Orangutan Gonda

Having lost his mother, little orangutan Gonda is still a nervous boy. With the love and support of his foster mothers, Gonda is learning to be an orangutan again. 


Orangutan Tegar

Best friends with Gonda, Tegar is already moving fluidly through the trees like a forest expert!


Orangutan Gerhana

Baby orangutan Gerhana loves to eat! In a few months, he turned from a malnourished little baby to a fighting spirit, complete with a teeny belly and his signature cheeky grin


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the ORANGUTAN FOREST SCHOOL and other rehabilitation projects! Rescued apes get a chance to live in an environment appropriate to their species. 


Four Paws Primatologist Dr. Signe Preuschoft is giving baby orangutan orphans a second chance 



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